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ˇSzamosujlak Centre
ˇJánkmajtis Facility No. 1 Vörösmarty Street 1

The Meggy Kert - TÉSZ Fruit and Vegetable Producer Organization was formed on 30 March 2003. It consists of 2900 members. The producer organization was founded in order to coordinate and organize the activities of the Szatmár region fruit and vegetables producers. The folloving services are provided to our members: fruit and vegetables wholesale trade, crop production services, other fruit and vegetable processing, wholesale commission trade of agricultural products, retail trade of fruit and vegetable, warehousing and storage, management counselling services.

About our company

In April 2008 our highest ULO technology cold store was handed over.

The fruit and vegetable produced by our members can be stored in our 1500 tons capacity establishment on 200 square metres.

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