Our products consist of sour cherry (300 hectares), apple (350 hectares), cucumber (50 hectares), shell nuts (90 hectares), kernel, gooseberries (15 hectares),
plum (50 hectares) and peach (30 hectares). Our product scope could be extended significantly.
Our products feature excelent quality; pleasant, unforgettable flavour, which is a characteristic of this particular area.
Our fruit and vegetable products are sold in the domestic and export markets as fresh products and as processed canned food as well.

Our products
Facility manager: Csaba Bíró
4741 Jánkmajtis, Vörösmarty Street 1
(Land register reference 188)
Phone/fax: +36-44/566-120,

copyright: János  Kocsis & Lajos Vekony
copyright: János  Kocsis & Lajos Vekony
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